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How and Why Children Benefit from Judo

Posted: August 14, 2018

How & Why Children Benefit from Judo By Mark Lonsdale “Winning a championship is a temporary accomplishment  – being a better person is for life”

Weekly Student Profile

Posted: March 26, 2018

Colby Reiner

Age: 10

Starting Martial Arts in College

Posted: March 11, 2018

I didn't find Judo or Brazilian Juijitsu until I went to college. In fact, I orginally went to school at the University of Redlands in Southern California to play on their soccer team. I had started learning Karate in high school while still in Rhode Island, but I had never even heard of Judo or Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ).

One of my best decisions that I have every made was to go out of my comfort zone and search out both Judo and BJJ. It was as if a whole new world opened up to me. Through engaging in Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu I was able to meet AnnMaria Demarrs and train with her daughter, Ronda Rousey. I was even in Blackbelt Magazine with her as her Uke (throwing partner). These two martial arts allowed me to travel around the United States to learn from other great Judo and BJJ players and coaches such as Jeff Glover, Kurt Osiander, and Marcelo Garcia.