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Back to School Martial Arts - A Teen's Perspective Part 2

Posted: August 13, 2019

My name is Luke Gillett. I am 16 years old and I have been involved with martial arts since 2010. I am a student at Elevate Judo & Jiujitsu. I have benefitted both mentally and physically from my time involved with Judo and JiuJitsu in particular. 

Like many people, I began martial arts as a physical activity that would help me meet more people. I became very physically fit and met new people but there was something more I did not know was coming. 

 Often, people will say they want to do martial arts to lose weight, stay active or have something to do. Deep down, I think they are looking for mental benefits; increased work ethic, comfort in difficult situations, discipline and determination. If they aren’t, they will find them. Many people find themselves with these benefits, including me. My brain has learned to thrive in challenging situations where I struggle, and has shown me that resilience and determination are all it takes to accomplish my goals. Currently, I have been distance running for my high school and I believe that the mindset has carried over. Running is a test of the strength of your will to push harder and run faster. Being able to thrive in a difficult situation is a benefit that is priceless. There is no competition anxiety either since I have become so familiar with it through constant competition in martial arts. In school, when there is a week where my class is bogged down in work, I stay composed and the discipline learned from martial arts helps me to finish my work before it becomes too much. 

Furthermore, I feel my social skills and confidence has improved through martial arts. The environment in the dojo is very friendly and humble. It is still very competitive but everyone gets along and it has shown me the importance of keeping strong relationships with my peers and rivals. 

In conclusion, martial arts have been very beneficial mentally, physically and socially  for me. I have learned to treat others equally regardless of age. I know that I can learn something from someone younger than me and someone older that me can do the same. I treat every person speaking to me like they know something I don’t, looking to peel back the layers of exactly how they do techniques and see if there is something different and more effective. This definitely applies on a broader scale and to life and general and is a great way of learning fast.